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Cheeky Punny Hats

This time of year I imagine all you dolls lying along some exotic beach with a pina colada in hand and the warm European breeze hitting your bronzed skin. No? Well those of us less fortunate can pretend right?

I myself did not get to visit any beaches this month, but I did treat myself to this super cute floppy hat, perfect for any summer scenery! I mean, how cheeky is this “Do not disturb” hat? I fell in love with this hat by Eugenia Kim, but after seeing the price tag I knew it was out of the question. But your wallet has nothing to fear with Shop Hat Couture’s version! Plus, these ones come with cute pom-poms!!

Their tagline, “Hats that say how you feel, so you don’t have to” is probably the cutest damn thing we’ve heard of! The best part about Shop Hat Couture is that they have tons of different sayings for any occasion. AND if you’re the sassy clever doll we know you are, you can even make your own custom message!

Some of our favorites:

“Call My Assistant”

“Yes Way Rose”

“Sea You Later”

Screenshot_20160801-21393720160723_145453.jpg2016_07_24_08_36_16.png20160723_143736.jpg20160723_14491020160717_14464920160717_15290120160717_15295720160717_144420Outfit Details: Floppy Hat- Shop Hat Couture, White Romper- Forever21, Green Dress- Revolve (green is sold out)

I wanted to share how this hat isn’t just for the beach, so I decided to take it to the park and riverside! And I cannot count how many times I got compliments and asked where I bought the hat.

I felt like getting out of New York city one weekend, and so I went to New Brunswick with my hat. I paired my new fun floppy hat with a romantic wispy white romper and sandals while “reading” on the riverbank 😉

When I went back to the city, I went to one of my favorite parks- Bryant Park and people watched for a few hours. I definitely did not want to be disturbed in my way of de-stressing, so it was fitting! I paired the hat with a simple green shift dress. But really I could’ve worn anything and the hat still would’ve stood out.

Go visit Shop Hat Couture and get ready to be disturbed with TONS of compliments ❤














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