Wedding Organizer

Happy Wedding Wednesday!! Now that the craziness that comes with being engaged has settled down a bit, I can now relax…..HAHA just kidding, I wish!! Incase you forgot, I now have this big fat indian wedding to plan! And when I say big fat wedding, I mean over 500 people big! One of the ways I’m not losing my mind is with the help of my Dulhan Diary from Party Rickshaw! It’s seriously has been such a great way to organize everything I need to do. I usually always have it on me, case in point below 🙂


It’s different from other wedding planners because it’s actually catered to South Asian weddings! There are many wedding organizers out there, but this was the first time I’ve seen one that I can actually use for my Indian wedding. Also, it’s just so cute! Did you see the super chic indian motif print cover?! I also have the matching To-Do notepad which I’ve already gone through half the pad’s sheets.


So the Dulhan Diary has 6 main sections: a Calendar, Inspiration, Timeline, Wedding Party, Guestlist, and Budget/Vendors. There are several parts that really help out when planning for an Indian wedding. For instance, in the timeline section that helps remind you what you should be doing, such as 6 to 4 months before your wedding, there are things specific to what an Indian wedding would need. Like when you should be arranging the dates for your sangeet or when to book your mehndi artist.


My favorite part is the Wedding Party section where I can put ALL the names and pictures of Bharat’s family. He has about 10 uncles and 8 aunts total, so you can do the math on how many cousins he has as well! With everything else going on, its hard to keep track of who is who. But its obviously important to know, so having this cheat sheet for reference helps and I will soon be using it to memorize everyone’s names before our official engagement party! There’s also two pages to track all the family gifts you need to buy for the groom’s side, which is helpful to track when you need to buy gifts for 100 people 😉 The only thing I wish it had are explanations of all the different Indian wedding ceremonies, and different diary versions for the many various Indian cultures! But I’m sure it’s in the works, so we’ll have to keep our eye out for them!


Overall, I love my Dulhan Diary and would be pretty lost without it. If you’re in the process of planning your wedding, or even know someone who is, this is the perfect gift for them! The founders Amarinder and Harmeet are super sweet and as a cherry on top, you’d be supporting charities across India that help educate women and stop child marriages. Win-win if you ask me! Now back to Pinterest for wedding inspo!


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