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Summer Staple: Floppy Hat

I am so ready for fall, as I am every year, #basic. But Texas weather never cooperates with me! It looks like it will be a couple more months of 100 degree weather so I gotta make the best of it with this cute hat!

Shop Hat Couture was kind enough to send us these custom made hats with the most adorable sayings. When I put this hat on, I seriously feel like it’s my party hat. It has colorful pom poms and bold black sequins that make me feel like I’m wearing a sombrero and I’m ready to fiesta! The “Call My Assistant” caption has a definite I’m straight chilling vibe, don’t even try to bother me. Because let’s be real, we all need a hat like this to express our moods, am I right?


Outfit Details: Hat-Shop Hat Couture; Necklace- Urban Outfitters (old) similar; Shorts- old, similar; Top- old, similar

I think every girl should have a good floppy hat like this one, because it’s honestly the perfect summer staple you can wear year after year. And it has so much versatility too. I wish I had this when I went to the beach this summer, but you can also wear it by the pool, boat, music festivals, and just out and about enjoying the weekend. Safe to say this hat came in clutch for me so many times already this summer. I encourage you dolls to be creative about where you wear it and what caption you come up with!

Because the trim was so colorful, I thought I’d pair it with these aztec style shorts which are equally colorful and bold. I’m obsessed with any kind of ethnic/Aztec print like this one. I finished the look off with a basic black top and a bold statement necklace. Boho has been my thing lately, so this has to be my favorite necklace so far. The next time you’ll catch me wearing this hat is in a sizzling one piece and coverup somewhere tropical, or a girl can just dream 😉

Be sure to tag us on IG with your hat! @shophatcouture and @thedesidolls

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.57.56 PM


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