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Facetune-20180410683216280It’s Wedding Wednesday and today I wanted to talk about engagement rings! First of all, it needs to come with a warning label because all I do now is stare at my ring…whether its at the crosswalk or during lecture in class which I know will get me in trouble soon! But it’s so pretty to watch the light hit all the different intricate cuts and angles! Now before you start thinking I’m crazy and materialistic, I just want to say that I have never owned a piece of jewelry that was this amazing, nor has it ever symbolized the once-in-a-lifetime significance that it means to me. That alone is enough to make you want to stare compulsively at your ring finger, even if you’re not that into jewelry.

Let me also tell you that if you thought you needed to start saving for the wedding,… girl, you needed to start saving for the endless manicures you’re about to get months ago. Everyone is going to want to see your ring, so having your nails manicured is a must. Also, be prepared to tell your proposal story a million times and get used to it. People are excited that you’re engaged and it’s a happy time and one that will soon all go by in a blur so enjoy these moments that are all about you and your fiance!


So now back to the shiny thing! I wanted to share some details about the beautiful ring Bharat gave me! Of course I’m not going to share the 4 C’s (Color, Carat, Cut, Clarity) of my ring because those are very intimate details and I already feel like I’m putting so much about my personal life out there! But I will say the ring was perfect for me and meaningful regardless of those things because Bharat put a lot of thought into it and designed it himself! He knew I wanted the band to be either yellow gold or rose gold because most of my everyday jewelry are in those colors, so he went with a rose gold setting. I also wanted a thin pave band to help complement the middle stone, which he also made sure my ring had. Lastly he felt that a Pear cut fit my style the best (he was so right, my style icon Victoria Beckham even has a pear cut engagement ring!). He went to my childhood jewelers, Ganjam and with their help sketched out the most perfect ring which they then created for him within a week!

Pear engagement ring

The sweetest part of it all is that Bharat wanted our names inscribed on the inside part of the band, but was worried about the band needing to be resized because he didn’t know what ring size I was. With my long ass name, it was a good idea that he waited until he gave it to me to get it inscribed! The ring is a half size too big and I need to get it resized soon. For now, I’m using a ring snuggie that wraps around the band to help keep the ring from falling off my finger. But once we get it resized, I’ll post another picture of my ring with the inscription! Hope my name fits on it🤞!

Bharat had a good idea of what I wanted because I had tried on rings with my best friends years in advance. I had also constantly sent him pictures of rings I liked (now you can call me crazy) to keep in his back pocket for when the time came! I highly suggest going with your friends or mom for fun and trying on different rings. They always look different on your finger versus what you see in pictures. For instance, smaller carat rings can actually look bigger on you if your fingers are slender and long. I went in to the store thinking I wanted an oval shape, but after trying on a pear engagement ring, I just knew it was the cut for me!

Regardless of what you end up liking, just remember what the ring is supposed to symbolize and don’t put so much pressure on your man about what the 4 c’s have to be. It’s a time to celebrate your love and the commitment you just made for each other; the shiny thing on your finger just helps remind you of that!



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