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Niasha’s Engagement

Hi friends!

I’m sorry it has been so long since I’ve written a post, things have been a whirlwind between being engaged and being a new dental student!

Regardless, I have some big news to update ya’ll on… I’M ENGAGED!! I wanted to share every detail of the most perfect day with you all.

How We Met :

Andrew (my fiance) and I met when we both went to undergrad at Baylor University in Waco, TX. We met when I was a Sophomore back in 2012 and Andrew was a Junior. We have a tradition at Baylor called Dia Del Oso where we basically get the whole week off before finals to “enjoy the outdoors and build comraderie with friends and classmates.” During this time, it wasn’t unusual to be invited to a bunch of parties. My roommate at the time knew Andrew from a class they had taken together and invited me to come to a party he was throwing.


(One of our first pictures together back when we were babies and first starting dating)

Now I had actually known about Andrew, but we had never actually met. My freshman year (a year prior) we had Biology Lab together. I sat a table away across from him and thought he was really cute. He was also really hard not to notice because he has a really loud voice (Barry White style).  I remember Facebook stalking him (LOL) because he was so cute but saw that he had a girlfriend. So I quickly forgot about him and as a shy freshman never had the guts to talk to him.

So fast forward a year later, when I found out we were going to his party I was super excited and nervous. I introduced myself to him and hung out with a small group of people at his apartment. Later in the night, I admittedly told him we had had Bio Lab together and that I recognized him. We spent the whole night talking and I think it was pretty obvious to everyone we had a connection.

The next morning I got a Facebook message from him saying “I can’t believe I never saw you in Lab. You’re gorgeous.” We immediately started talking and went on a couple of dates. It was late April so we were all studying for finals, so we didn’t get to spend much time together. We talked all through the summer too, and I came to visit him in Dallas where he was doing an internship and he came to visit me in Waco where I was doing summer school.

We took things extremely slow because Andrew would be a senior that year and knew he would probably going out of state for medical school. But we decided to take a chance on things and now here we are 6 years later! Andrew ended up at William Carey School of Osteopathic Medicine in Mississippi and after I graduated, I was doing a post-bacc at the UT Dallas. After 4 hard years of long distance, we finally have ended up in the same place, New York, with our fur baby, Sampson.

Okay I know what you’re thinking…get on with the proposal story

Our Proposal Story: 


I always knew that we wouldn’t be getting married or engaged for a while because we weren’t in the same place physically and I really had the personal goal to get into dental school first. Once I got in and we ended up in the same place, I was like okayyy you can propose now! So I figured that it would happen sometime in this past year but I wasn’t sure exactly when.

Like I had mentioned, Andrew spent 4 years at medical school in Mississippi. Andrew had planned on proposing to me earlier in the year, but his mom unexpectedly passed away which really made this such a hard year for us. Because of that, I knew our engagement would be put on hold and we really focused on figuring out when Andrew was ready to go back to school. He went back in February and was told he could walk the stage with his graduating class in May. Even though it was bittersweet he wouldn’t be officially graduating, we were still ectsatic that he could walk the stage and celebrate together.

So it was no question to me that I would be there for his graduation even though I had finals all through out the month of May. The week of my proposal I was so focused on my finals that him proposing was not on my mind at all. And after I was done with school for the year, we planned a big graduation trip to Europe, and knew he wouldn’t propose there. I really did believe it would happen wayyy later.

I packed up my bags for Mississippi. My family, Andrew’s family, and a few of our friends from college came to the ceremony. After, we had plans to drive down to the coast to celebrate. The whole week we had been really worried about the weather. There happened to be a huge hurricane that a high percentage of hitting the Gulf Coast. Andrew had all these plans on the beach and was so worried about them but I didn’t really get why (hahaha poor guy). I thought we would still have fun all being together even if it did rain!

We made it to our AirBnB and started getting ready for a bonfire Andrew had planned on the beach. He really wanted us to get there at sunset, which I didn’t understand was a big deal. Andrew was extremely stressed out because everyone was super late getting ready so we missed sunset, but it was still perfect. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and I truly believe that it was Andrew’s mom giving us a sign she was with us, considering earlier there was 100% chance a hurricane would touch down.

We set up the bonfire and Andrew started thanking everyone that had supported him on his journey through medical school. I was the last person he thanked, and as he did, his last words before asking me to marry him were…. “I’d like to think today is one of the best days of my life, but it can’t be until I make it the best day of OUR lives.” He then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him in front of our families and friends. It was the best moment of my life.





Stay tuned for the next post on the engagement celebrations!

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