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Philadelphia Love- Velvet Romper

If there’s two things I’m looking forward to this summer, it’s warmer weather and wearing rompers! Unfortunately it’s not summer yet, but a girl can dream right?! Typically rompers are worn during the summer, but this deep blue velvet romper is made for a warm winter day. And don’t think a warm winter day can’t happen, I actually wore this in Philly earlier this January…dreams do come true! 110.JPG067.JPG123.JPG097.JPG100.JPG126.JPG133.JPG116.JPGOutfit Details: Velvet Romper- TopShop (blue one is sold out, yellow version), Brown Heels- Target, Coin Earrings- H&M (old, similar)

I picked up this romper at Nordstrom the other day and knew it would be the perfect thing to wear for grabbing dinner and drinks in Philly. I was in the area for a week to visit friends and to celebrate New Year’s in New York. Being from Texas, I was worried my romper was not the smartest thing to pack for a trip to the Northeast, but somehow I managed to bring some Texas heat with me everywhere I went! The romper ended up being the right amount of luxe and as an added bonus it was super comfortable!

And no, you’re not having deja vu! You probably saw this romper featured in our Holiday Party Looks post. See, I wasn’t lying when I suggested buying it for the holidays! I say it’s more of a holiday time outfit because of the velvet material and in this shade of deep navy, it just oozes a holiday feel.

I decided to keep my whole look simple, especially because there was no more space in my suitcase anyway. I went with these equally luxurious looking coin chandelier earrings, that actually jingled every time I moved my head, so those babies had to come off after a little while. Then I paired it with these brown nude heels, which also could’ve easily been a black pair had I not forgotten to pack them. But I actually think the brown heels work fine since it gives the outfit a little unexpected twist.

Okay so can we shut up and talk about the lace back detail, since that’s what I fell in love with the most!? That’s why I chose to put my hair to the side, so I could show off the sexy black lace detail. With this being on sale, I’m surprised you’re still reading and haven’t gone running out the door to grab one for yourself!




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