Going Out Looks

Winter Dress

Hope you dolls are keeping warm as more winter storms are forecasted throughout the nation this week! I know I’m already dying to wear spring clothes after being bundled up for so long…which is like a month for us in Texas. I guess I can’t really complain 🙂

But because I’m ready to jump the gun and pull out all my warm weather clothes, I decided to showcase how you can wear a dress on a warmer winter day…Probably still not going to happen anytime soon for you northeastern loves :/ but hey you can live through me and soak up all the sunshine from these pictures!

20160224_212726.png076.JPG056.JPG20160224_214605.png078.JPG20160224_214513.png20160224_212854.pngOutfit Details: Nude Dress- Forever21 (sold out, similar and similar), Red Plaid Scarf- H&M, Brown Heels- Target, Cuff- H&M (sold out, similar)

This look is really simple and can be easily copied since there’s really only two main pieces to the outfit. Grab a neutral colored dress, I’m wearing a nude colored dropped crescent-hem one but really any solid colored dress with some length will work, and add on a contrasting printed scarf. That’s it, super easy yet you still look stylish. I added on this white marble bracelet which is a new jewelry trend that goes well with everything…so well, I literally wear it every other day  See-No-Evil Monkey on Apple iOS 9.3

For those of you who actually see snow and experience real winter, just add tights, boots and a thick fur jacket to stay warmer. This is also a great outfit to wear during the weeks when the weather transitions from winter to spring since it may be warm enough to wear a dress but still breezy to add a scarf. Right now, this red plaid scarf is on sale for $10, so grab it while it lasts because it’s a super cute traditional holiday print that’s fun to add to any outfit!



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