Going Out Looks

Swayed Over Suede

Happy hump day dolls! If there’s one fabric that we’ve been obsessing over, it’s suede. Now normally we keep most trendy pieces in the past where it belongs. Like remember those hideous one size fits all bubble shirts?! But sometimes trends make a comeback in the best way, like suede has. Now we’re wondering if we… Continue reading Swayed Over Suede

Going Out Looks

Winter Dress

Hope you dolls are keeping warm as more winter storms are forecasted throughout the nation this week! I know I’m already dying to wear spring clothes after being bundled up for so long…which is like a month for us in Texas. I guess I can’t really complain 🙂 But because I’m ready to jump the… Continue reading Winter Dress

Going Out Looks

50 Shades of Brown

Happy Monday Dolls! I wanted to share with you all a going out look as we make that awkward transition from winter to spring soon. This will get you covered with all the bases. My mom and I went shopping one day and we both spotted this necklace at the same time, knowing I had… Continue reading 50 Shades of Brown

Going Out Looks · Travel

Philadelphia Love- Velvet Romper

If there’s two things I’m looking forward to this summer, it’s warmer weather and wearing rompers! Unfortunately it’s not summer yet, but a girl can dream right?! Typically rompers are worn during the summer, but this deep blue velvet romper is made for a warm winter day. And don’t think a warm winter day can’t… Continue reading Philadelphia Love- Velvet Romper

Going Out Looks · Holiday Looks

Oxblood Holiday Party Look

I like my holiday outfits like I like my wine – in deep shades of oxblood. That way, no one can tell when I’ve had too much wine and spill some on my outfit! All jokes aside though, oxblood has become a very popular color in recent years. It’s the next best thing to wearing… Continue reading Oxblood Holiday Party Look