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Pretty Pastels

It’s wedding season and I don’t know about you but I’ve already been to three weddings and still have two more to go! Indian weddings are the best because they’re colorful, days long and filled with tons of dancing and eating! Apart from aunties saying “You’re next” and trying to set me up with Indian boys who come from good families, I love Indian weddings because you get a chance to dress up and make tons of outfit changes.

Lately, my problem has been trying to find different unique dresses to wear to each of the events. I’m tired of wearing and seeing the same anarkali style dress at every wedding reception, so I decided to hit up Pooja’s Fashion Trends to see what they had and this is what I fell in love with!


I picked this anarkali because it’s unique in a lot of ways. First of all, I normally don’t go for pink shades, but this pastel pink stood out because people tend to wear black at receptions and I wanted to wear a shade that would pop! Second, I thought the see-thru part of the lower half of the dress was neat because you can actually wear it two different ways, with and without the pants. I wanted to show you guys what each way would look like so I photographed both versions and I think I like the one without it more. It adds a little sex appeal (scandalous for Indian standards I know!) and without the pants and dupatta, you can actually wear it to American parties as a fusion dress.

The back of this dress is really pretty because it has gorgeous crystal details on the net fabric. Wearing your hair up would really help show the back off! I finished the look with simple gold and white crystal earrings and necklace and a light pink bindi.

As you can see, I had a ton of fun wearing and twirling in this dress. If you’re like me and wanna wear something unique and different than all the other indian girl’s, check out Pooja’s Fashion Trends. She has some great stuff in her collection, anything from sari’s to lehenga’s and you can even go to them to create a custom outfit! You can check out her facebook page here, or email her at

Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.27.28 PM




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