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About a month ago, I took a 10 day trip to Thailand! It’s safe to say I am having major withdrawals so I’ll relive all the experiences with you dolls through this blog post. We had an amazing time and Thailand has to be one of my favorite countries that I have ever been to! I highly recommend it to anyone that loves to travel and experience new things!

We booked our trip through Living Social. Most of the time I’ve had a great experience doing little things with Living Social or Groupon in the US, like zip lining or a nice dinner. We put our full faith that Living Social would work great abroad and I have to say I was so impressed and will be doing it again. Living Social booked our flights, hotel, group tours, some lunches and dinners, and some other activities. This made researching what to do and prices so much less stressful. Our tour guides were also so great and helped us in planning things outside of the group too.



One thing if you have never traveled to a place like India or Thailand: it’s not like traveling to Europe. It’s not always glamorous. Sometimes you have to deal with having no toilet paper or air conditioning. The food is really different but so good. I went on this trip with my boyfriend who has never been out of the country, so if he could do it, I know you can too.


The first 5 days of our trip, we stayed in Bangkok. Bangkok was extremely fun but definitely a little bit overwhelming at times. Beware of people knowing that you’re a tourist and wanting to sell you things or take you on a Tuk Tuk (taxi) ride. The first few days we saw a lot of the temples, like the Golden Buddha and the Reclining Buddha. We walked a lot and went to a lot of the marketplaces and ate authentic Thai food from the street. Our main form of transportation was taking the sky train, so if you book on your own try to find a hotel near it so you can travel across the city easily. Later in the week we went elephant riding, bamboo rafting, and saw the floating market. Of course you need at least one day to relax and get traditional Thai massages for cheap! One thing I love about Thailand is all the culture there is to offer. The people are so dang nice. Don’t be surprised if they just strike up a random conversation with you randomly. Everyone lives so peacefully with eachother and it was refreshing to see how happy they are with what little they have.


The next 5 days we went to Phuket which is closer to all those gorgeous islands you see on all the google images of Thailand. And let me tell you, it was even prettier in person. We went during monsoon season, which isn’t the best time to go but it only affected us a couple of days. Our resort in Phuket, (which was on Kamala Beach) was more geared toward families or honeymooners; there wasn’t a lot to do besides enjoy the beach and pool. Not saying it wasn’t a nice change from the city but we were bored after a day. If you went 20 minutes into the city there was so much more to do! They really cater to tourists there, so there were lots of bars, markets, jet skis, parasailing, etc. Our second day there we went on a boat trip to Phi Phi Island (so dreamy). Our boat was so bumpy and we thought we were going to die because the waves were so choppy and it was raining but we made it in one piece lol. Regardless, I wouldn’t have missed out on that experience for the world. The water is crystal clear despite the fact the wind made it more cloudy than it usually is. We went snorkeling, ate lunch on a nearby island, saw some monkeys, and swam in some of the cove. We missed out on seeing Maya Bay and went to a private island instead because the weather was too bad, but everything was still gorgeous.


The third day we went into the city and hung out by the beach. We got rained on for an hour so we went to the marketplace during that time and got a fish spa! I thought I would like it, but it was way too ticklish for me. I could barely do 5 minutes haha. That night, our hotel had a really nice rooftop bar/restaurant so we ordered some drinks and chatted with the rest of the people in our group. One thing I loved about Living Social was everyone was around our age so we had fun making new friends from all over the country!


On the fourth day we really just relaxed on the beach, went jetskiing, watched a traditional Muay Tai boxing match, and got our last Thai massage. The Mauy Tai is something I think everyone should see, it was really interesting to see how respected of a sport it is there.We also went to Tiger Kingdom where they keep tigers of all ages in their sanctuary. You could do a package deal where you got to see a baby tiger and a big tiger for example. That was scary because you never know how the animals are going to act. I did the small tiger (which was not small at all) and the giant tiger. They’re nocturnal animals so they slept most of the time. The facilities were really nice though (had a restaurant and bar) and everyone was very professional and took a million pictures of you with the tigers.


Now I’m super nostalgic about the whole the whole trip 😦 I will definitely be going back as soon as I can! I made a GoPro video of our adventures if you want to follow me on my personal IG @niashaminaj and feel free to ask me any questions!

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.57.56 PM


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