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Denim Dress

So big news: I moved to New York City this week!! I’m getting my MBA at NYU and couldn’t be more excited and nervous! I will say though, I am going to miss my friends and family back in Texas. And fear not, Niasha and I will still be continuing to blog together, just from different coasts ❤

So get ready to see a little New York backdrops mixed in here soon!

IMG_8577.JPGIMG_8583IMG_8635.JPGIMG_8613IMG_8615IMG_8623IMG_8595.JPGOutfit Details: Denim Dress- Forever21, Purse- Target (on sale now!!), Heels- H&M (sold out, similar)

Denim. Who would’ve thought that a blue jean material could go so damn well with everything?! Denim is already so easy to wear, which is why I challenged myself to take it to the maximum level of easy: this denim dress. Slip it on and you’re good to go!

This dress is thicker than your average dress, but it makes it great for windy days and can even be worn into Fall. I decided to pair my denim with a brown snakeskin print to bring a little life to my plain dress. Can I say, my feet are kissing these block snakeskin heels. They’re so comfy, my feet were actually asking if I was sure I wanted to take them off!

Okay let’s talk about my hair. Half buns are back in style from our summer camp days. While I was sporting this look, I admit I couldn’t help but feel a bit odd. It’s like my hair had an identity crisis: it’s not a ponytail, yet also not a full-fledged bun. But it was fun and easy to do so why not?! It just added to the easy theme of this overall look. Have you been rocking the half-bun?? Let us know and share some pics!





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