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Wild, Wild West

Draw your guns, because this look is straight from the wild, wild west. Naturally being from a small town in West Texas, you would probably think I’m a professional cowgirl for living there or something. As far as that is from the truth, I still wanted to channel my “small town girl” vibes with this look!

If you haven’t caught Charishma and I’s post on ‘Swayed over Suede’ you really should, because even though I hate being photographed in something twice, I had to bring out this material to play in again. This suede jacket is super unique because it features fringe AND a cape! Those two things incorporated in one jacket brings the hottest trends of the season. I love the cape coat on this look because its so unexpected. You usually see the cape on a structured blazer but this looks just as a chic on a more casual suede jacket. Suede especially in a jacket always reminds me of the 70’s but it also reminds of what a cowboy might wear.


To add a little cowgirl flare, I really amped up the accessories so that I could just grab basics in my closet without worry. I went with the classic white silk cami top and black skinny jeans which make figuring out what to wear a cinch!

Onto the most favorite part of my outfit…the bandana scarf. I have been seeing these everywhere like crazy. Those flight attendants got it right when they wore scarves around their necks back in the day. I can’t think of a more elegant addition.  Don’t you dare go buy these for retail either, I got my bandanas at Wal-Mart for $2. To match the paisley scarf I went with another item that has been all the rage, the silver belt buckle. These two things really amped up my outfit and were relatively cheap.

I can really picture this look for an effortless weekend brunching with your girlfriends or out to the farmer’s market with bae. Have fun and take risks with your clothes!

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.57.56 PM



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