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Coachella Cutie

Raise yo hand if you’re currently having major Coachella fomo. Yup, me too. It’s definitely on my bucket list to visit there someday but until then I can just pretend I’m one of those basic flower crown babes. I think Coachella is one of those times where every celebrity rocks the best boho outfit they can find and work the desert that is their runway! I could spend hours looking at IG accounts of all the festival outfit inspo.

Dressing in a bohemian style is one of my favorite trends and I really don’t see it going anywhere. I consider myself to have an inner hippie child growing in me so it feels natural putting outfits together that have that kind of vibe to them. So forgive me, this will be far from my last boho post.


I found the top and skirt in Zara, held them up to eachother, and instantly thought this would make a bomb outfit. One stop shopping? Yes, please. The sleeves have cutouts on the sides and a  cute tie right at the belly so I can envision wearing this as a crop top with some cutoffs on a cooler summer day. I think warm and cool tones contrast really well together so I mixed this tangerine color with a turquoise necklace. I swoon over this necklace, because what could be more boho than turquoise and silver?

When I first saw this skirt I thought it was so simple and sweet enough that it could be paired with all the bold colors and accessories. It has lace detailing, and because the length of this skirt could easily be grandma, I love that it actually has the lined portion as a miniskirt to spice things up.

I couldn’t do a boho outfit without a hat, especially if the sun is out so I put my favorite black hat on my head. And  one of my favorite features of this outfit are those MULES! The shoes, not the animal. This heel is the ultimate lazy girl shoe. I don’t really do too many heels because I’m already pretty tall and would be mistaken for a basketball player but these are the exception. They are slip on which gives me so much less anxiety than those lace up sandal heels and are so comfortable! They’re casual enough to be sandals but can instantly elevate an outfit if it needs something more.

What has been ya’lls favorite celeb boho outfit so far if you’ve been keeping up? I always die for Kendall, Gigi, and Alessandria.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.57.56 PM



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