Everyday Style

White Out

It has honestly come as a shock to me that this has been one of the mildest of winters in Dallas, that I honestly feel like it’s spring. For those of you that live in a colder area and at some point will catch up with us, keep this look in mind when the sun actually comes out 😉

white out.jpgwhiteout2.jpgwhiteout3.jpgwhiteout4.jpgwhiteout5.jpg

Outfit Details: Green Chunky Sweater-Apricot Lane Boutique (can only buy in store, similar), White Denim- American Eagle, OTK Boots- DSW, Initial Necklace-My Name Necklace, White Top-Nordstrom, similar

As you can tell, I wear my white denim probably more than I wear another other color denim and that’s not just before Labor Day, its year round. This look screams spring to me because when I think of spring I think of the ability to wear crisp white pants flawlessly and nonjudgementally (like that really matters to me anyways).

White all by itself looks really stark on my skin tone so I added this gorgeous chunky emerald green sweater for that perfect amount of color. This is a super casual look that can be worn out getting sushi with your girls. This sweater looks so nice, but let me tell you girls, I LIVE in it, even when I’m just at the house in sweatpants. It’s so comfortable especially if it’s cold outside, it doesn’t let any cold air through or have holes.

This look is the perfect transitional outfit for spring. You can wear the white on white as a spring look and the OTK boots and cardigan for when its still cold out during the season.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.57.56 PM




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