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Be MINE- Valentine’s Day Look

The month of romance is upon us and we’re looking forward to showering our lovers, friends and family with lot’s of hugs and kisses Apple's Kiss Mark! Oh and let’s not forget to mention, we’re super excited to get dressed up for Valentine’s Day!

080.JPG117.JPG108.JPG095.JPG130.JPG136.JPG081.JPGOutfit Details: Red Dress- H&M, sold out (similar), Gold Necklace- Forever21

I’m not the kind of person who gets too caught up on celebrating Valentine’s Day exactly on the 14th if my boyfriend or friends, (Galentines anyone?), can’t celebrate on the actual day of Valentine’s. If work, travel, or just plain busy life get’s in the way, it’s okay to do it on another day or week. The whole point of the holiday is to appreciate and celebrate all the types of love in your life. So whether you’re staying in and having a girl’s night, or going out on a romantic date, the best plans are the stress-free ones! Just remember the point is to have fun and keep it lighthearted since there are no rules when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

I think it’s fun to incorporate traditional Valentine’s colors, like pinks and reds, especially because I normally don’t gravitate towards those colors when I pick something to wear. But I don’t know why not, because if this look doesn’t scream BE MINE to your Valentine, I seriously don’t know what will.

A long red scarlet dress is the perfect thing to wear for a fancy nighttime date. If you know you’re going dancing with the boo or to an upscale restaurant, a long flowly dress is elegant and the striking candy apple red color makes it romantic as well. Since this dress has a slit, it adds a little sexiness factor and is fun for when it’s time for that slow dance!

Last time this year, I was single and celebrated Valentine’s Day with my girlfriends by throwing a Vday themed party filled with passion punch, fondue, and tons of desserts! This year, I still plan on partying with my gals, but since I now have a boyfriend, I’m celebrating it with him by going to a nice restaurant for dinner. We decided not to buy each other anything and instead are going to a toy store with a $10 budget and seeing who can buy the weirdest/cutest/funniest gift for each other. My idea of a perfect date, especially since I planned it 😊

What have you planned to do for Valentine’s Day this year?!



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