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Jewelry for the Modern Desi Doll

Jewelry junkies – brace yourselves. If you’re looking for hand crafted contemporary jewelry then you might want to get your hands on Jawaahir Studio’s collection. I couldn’t resist and snagged a couple of pieces myself and it’s seriously the perfect type of jewelry to wear with Indian AND American outfits. I never thought jewelry like this would look so great on both types of clothing, but I obviously had to think again because look at these pics! They are also giving all our followers a 10% discount, just use the code THEDESIDOLLS


Jawaahir Studio’s carries an assortment of gold plated jewelry with semi precious stones, which is why they look so regal no matter what you wear. I could’ve probably worn a potato sack with these jewels and still looked stunning, but what fun would that have been?! So I decided to showcase my jewelry with different types of outfits.

I fell in love with these red semi-precious gems, so I wanted to featured them with my black salwar kameez which have the same red colored flowers and detailing. In general I love tika’s because they make me feel like an Indian princess Apple's Princess ! The one featured here is a beautiful simple design that you could wear to parties or weddings without upstaging the bride. The bracelet I’m wearing is really unique and elegant because the band consists of such pretty pearl strands that even Mermaid would be jealous. I tied up the look with these gorgeous huge chandelier earrings, which are surprisingly light and didn’t weigh my ears down!

I wanted to showcase how versatile Jawaahir Studio’s pieces are by wearing them with American clothes. Look how they stand out when you wear them with a plain colored top. You’ll probably see me wearing this turquoise necklace every week, sorry but I’m not sorry!

I recently found out that they do custom orders which is music to my ears and beauty to my picky eyes since I like things to be perfect in my own way. I think it would be neat to have them create custom matching pieces for your bridesmaids and have them design something unique and special for yourself on your wedding day. They also make jewelry for men. Say what?! You can check out some of the pieces they’ve done for grooms on their Instagram page!

Surely there are some guys reading this blog, right? With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you might want to surprise your bae with your amazing sense of style by gifting her some gorgeous, and did I mention very affordable, jewelry from Jawaahir Studio! I was even surprised in the way they carefully packaged all my jewelry into these cute boxes. Definitely brownie points in my book.



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