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Loving Neutrals

We are already in mid-January, can you believe it?! So far 2016 has been great and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store! This last weekend I decided to get rid of a lot of my older clothes that I don’t wear anymore to make space. I noticed when I was cleaning out my closet that I kept mostly everything neutral and got rid of the loud “I can-only-wear-this-once” pieces. Which is how this look came about!

IMG_1794.JPGIMG_1753.JPGIMG_1901.JPGIMG_1825.JPGIMG_1835.JPGIMG_1842.JPGIMG_1855.JPGIMG_1875.JPGOutfit Details: Blue Suede Coat- Forever21 (sold out, similar), Grey Knit Sweater- H&M, Grey Denim Pants- Zara, Beige Heels- Zara (sold out, similar), Lipstick- MAC “Own the Look”, Nude Purse- Forever21

Neutrals are probably my next favorite color scheme after a monochromatic black look. These lighter neutral colors are perfect year round and are amazing to have in your closet because every season you can re-work them into your personal wardrobe. Each piece can literally go with anything.

I wore a grey cable knit sweater with grey denim pants and beige heels. To add a splash of color, I decided to go with this dark blue suede coat. The weather in Austin has slowly started to get colder, so I brought out my thickest jacket. While this coat does seem a bit heavy for normal Texas winter weather, it keeps me super warm so joke all you want, I can’t hear any of it through all this coziness!

To get a similar look, try mixing different shades of neutrals, like whites and blacks and beiges,  and then add on an accessory that adds real color to your outfit. You’ll look clean and classy but have an unexpected twist to your look, which I am all about this year!



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