Desi Style

Mughal Sari

Quick art history lesson: The Mughal Empire was established from the 16 to 19th centuries in India. It involved a mix of Persian and Indian influences and culture. During this time a certain type of art arose, Mughal art, with various subtypes occurring in different eras of the Mughal Dynasty.

This is probably one of my favorite saris because it incorporates this gorgeous Mughal artwork into the sari. Not only that, but Mughal artwork is incorporated into the Taj Mahal walls as well. I’m a sucker for art and a love story, so I adore the fact that I can carry a traditional piece of history with me, while looking contemporary at the same time.


The edging of the sari is made with glamorous, shining iridescent oyster shells that have been shaped like coins. They’re sure to catch someone’s eye 😉 This black blouse embodies Zardosi work with the hand made silver and turquoise threaded medallion in the middle. The blouse is what makes this look so contemporary! I wore this sari Gujarati style to show off the blouse and edging on the sari.

To finish the look off, I went with a gold flower petal ring with gems, a black raw silk clutch in Zardosi style to match the black blouse, and some bell shaped drops with emeralds.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.57.56 PM


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