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Oxblood Holiday Party Look

I like my holiday outfits like I like my wine – in deep shades of oxblood. That way, no one can tell when I’ve had too much wine and spill some on my outfit!

All jokes aside though, oxblood has become a very popular color in recent years. It’s the next best thing to wearing black (it get’s second place though – let’s be real, black still has our hearts).






IMG_20151215_094732               IMG_1165Outfit Details: Oxblood Crop Top- MissGuided, Oxblood Striped Midi Skirt- Forever21 (similar here and here), Black tie up heels- Steve Madden (sold out) similar, Crystal Chain Drop Earrings- Forever21, Black Fringe Clutch- Vintage Fringe (similar cheaper version here), Black Cherry Lipstick- Revlon


So if you’re anything like me, you still haven’t decided what outfit to wear to that holiday party. I know what you’re thinking, how can a girl who lives and breathes fashion not have her outfit sorted out yet?! Well, you know… life. But you can be sure that whatever I end up choosing will be in oxblood because I adore dark colors to match my dark soul. Kidding of course!

Featured here is an elegant yet hott oxblood crop top and black and oxblood striped midi pencil skirt. And guess what? This skirt was $12, you have to go get it now! You probably wouldn’t want to wear this to a holiday work party unless you’re okay with your boss seeing your midriff, but it is perfect to wear to a holiday party with friends.

I paired this outfit with my beloved tie up black heels to draw attention to my lovely feet but kept my jewelry minimalistic. I just added crystal chain drop earrings and a black leather fringe clutch to keep my accessories simple.

Wearing such deep colors had my face begging to match my body, so I chose to go with a deep black cherry lipstick by Revlon. It helps pull the whole look together, and honestly I’m going to need to look put together to help save me from all the embarrassing stories I’ll be spilling about myself after one too many eggnogs.



2 thoughts on “Oxblood Holiday Party Look

  1. I love those shoes. You guys are doing a really good job. Your site is clean and crisp. You have a fan following in just 2 months. Excellent work. And your style is awesome!!! Glad to see more desi fashion bloggers with style!


    1. Thank you so much for the support! We love seeing other desi’s following their passions, just like you are with your Honey What’s Cooking blog!! Love reading about your amazing travels and food adventures!! Keep up the amazing job!


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