Desi Style

What a Mesh Sleeve Anarkali

So I have a confession: I don’t really like orange colored Indian clothes. But only because while I was growing up, I couldn’t make frequent enough trips to India to buy all the clothes I needed for the different Indian events I had to attend. So I had my mom and aunts buy me some when they went to India. They would ask what colors I wanted them in, and I would ask for all these rich jewel colored tones. But when I opened my packages from India, I swear they wanted me to look like a pumpkin. Orange lehenga’s, carrot kurtas, marigold ghagra cholis, sherbet sari’s. It’s safe to say, I’m over orange.

BUT… I guess I’m wearing orange in today’s post. I caved in when I saw this burnt orange anarkali. Why? Well because hook ’em and look at those mesh floral sleeves! I love the contrast of orange and black, with hints of green and gold. It’s a bold color combo and perfect for any Indian party or event which are known to be colorful.







For my jewelry, I chose to wear a twist on what’s known as traditional temple jewelry, which were originally made to adorn the idols of God’s and Goddesses. Now Indian women wear temple jewelry around religious festivals believing it to be auspicious and provide good luck. And I’m down for a little extra luck any time! The coins on my necklace and matching earrings have tiny Lakshmi Goddesses and feature emerald and white colored crystals, bringing out the deep greens of my dress.

I finished my look with green eyeshadow, a maroon bindi, a high pony tail, which admittedly gave me a headache…but hey anything for beauty!, and gold heels to match the gold accents of my anarkali. So there you have it, me in yet another orange Indian dress… but I secretly love it!



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