Everyday Style

Olive Duster Jacket

Want to know the history behind duster jackets? Well too bad, I’m telling you anyway. It’s actually pretty interesting! So duster coats became popular with men and women who would wear them to protect their clothing from the trail dust they picked up when they rode horses or open motorcars.

Though I’m not riding any horses or playing near dirt these days, I am still obsessed with duster jackets. They add a sort of regal look to your whole outfit since they are an eye-catching floor length.



char83.jpgOutfit DetailsASTR Olive Duster (Nordstrom-last season) similar here, Black and White Bead Necklace-(mom’s closet…shh!) similar, Black and Blue Fur Clutch- Claire Vivier, Brown Leather Heels- Target


The olive green duster I’m wearing here is very lightweight and perfect for crisp fall days when it’s not too cold outside. I also love the light material because you can actually see the floral designs when the sunlight shines through it.

I chose to pair it with a simple outfit in earth tones underneath because I wanted my duster to stand out. Plus, a plain white tee and black jeans are the easiest yet classy outfit that every doll should keep in her back pocket for days when you have “nothing to wear”.




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