Everyday Style

Welcome to the Desi Dolls

Hi, we’re Charishma and Niasha! Just two Indian girls who finally realized that burning holes in our wallets from shopping couldn’t be the only outlet for our obsession for fashion. That’s why we decided to start The Desi Dolls, a digital source to get a peek into our personal stories and style.

Despite Niasha being involved in school and Charishma working full-time, it’s only a part of who we are. We like to dress up because it’s our way of showing a part of us without even having to say a word. Like our muse Coco Chanel said,  “everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway,” and this is our way of showcasing our passion to the world.


Though it feels like yesterday when we were sketching clothes and playing dress up…oh wait that was yesterday haha…we want to continue expressing our personalities and knack for style with other fashionistas all over the world. The Desi Dolls is the perfect platform for us to share our everyday mix of Indian and American outfits and hope you join us on this journey!



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